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BETA lab project solution

As a Top Rank supplier of laboratory furniture in China, our core competence is lab project management, from designing shop drawings, customizing lab furniture and fittings, to shipping pre-built modules and even sending out engineers for installation.

We did many projects oversea, like USA, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka......

* Product line: fume hood, steel/wooden work bench(central island and wall station), balance table and cabinet, qualified lab fitting and stool

As the products (lab furniture) you want just not only products itself, but it's a project, there will be with good service with strong technical support to avoid problem during the usage of the laboratory. We can provide you our most professional suggestion and technical support before the building decoration and flooring, as there will be water supply, drainage, electrical supply, gas supply, air exhaustion system. We will provide you infrastructure drawings when the design is confirmed, so that we can help you avoid the electricity wire, water plumbing and drainage pipeline to be exposing to the outside.

With BETA LAB, we can enable you to tailor your labs specifically and create your own lab system. 

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