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Lab furniture project of University of Duhok

Project name: University of Duhok Photo reference:

Time: 2013

We got the big lab project from University of Duhok in 2013, it is the big one with more than 2000 meter of lab furniture and 23 fume hood, 22 local extractors for 45 laboratories for Science college, Medicine College, Pharmacy College, Agriculture College and Agriculture Research. Totally 13 containers for the cargo. Our installation was in cold winter from November to next February, there was big snow in the harsh weather locally. After the Fall of Saddam Hussein, Duhok city’s electricity supply was not normal but it cut and comes for every three hours. With the strong support locally from University  our strong team to settled the difficulties, four of our senior engineers with ten of local workers finished the whole installation within two months. , the Profession and Teachers sometimes invited our engineers dinners at their home and restaurant. Our engineers spent a good time in the beautiful city with the most simplest local people. During the Inspection  Acceptance work, Committee of University gave high praise on our quality and skillful works. After the installation, the students in University had some activity to celibrate the labs. The whole projects, from the beginning of communication with University from August, including the design, and technical discusion, production, shipment, installation, we finished the whole job within half a year. From the feedback of university every half a year, after four years of usage, our furniture and fume hood in the labs are still in good condition till now.

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