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lab furniture table

lab furniture table
  • lab furniture table
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lab furniture table

    Lab  table  structure

   C-Frame structure
      1.Extremely steady and can be loaded with  200 KGs
      2.Large amount of knee and legroom, with  mobile and suspended under-bench units
      3.Under-bench units suspended in C-Frames can  be moved across frames


H-Frame structure
      1.Higher Load bearing than C-Frame structure
      2.Large amount of knee and legroom


Floor-Mounted structure


 1.Highest load bearing, up to 800 kgs

 2.More Storage space 

    Lab  table  pictures

C-Frame Structure

H-Frame structure

Floor mounted structure


    Main component

Work top      (Option)

1. Epoxide resin (16mm / 19mm / 25mm thick) 

2. Phenolic Resin (12.7mm / 13mm / 16mm / 19mm / 20mm / 25mm thick)

Frame Structure(C&H)
Made of 1.5mm thick cold rolled steel, with chemical-resistant powder coating
Made of 1.0mm thick cold rolled steel, with chemical-resistant powder coating  available in many colors

    Optional  Accessories


Different types faucets made of Brass with Epoxide resin powder coating / Stainless Steel faucet


PP sink / Stainless Steel Sink

Drip rack    

PP Drip rack

Eye wash    

Single head / double head eye wash

Gas cock    

Different types cocks made of Brass with Epoxide resin powder coating


Different standard socket / spill proof socket can be install on the work top / reagent shelf / the bottom of the work bench  

Reagent shelf

Constituted by 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel structure and 12mm thick glass layer sheet, standard size is L*400W*800H (mm)(island bench) / L*250W*800H (mm)(wall bench) , can be customized

Service column

Made of 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel 

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Q:Why choose us?

A: Our core competence is lab project management, from designing drawings, customizing furniture and fittings, to shipping pre-build modules and even sending out engineers for installation, also provide the daily maintenance of knowledge about lab furniture.

Q:How do we install the furniture?

A: 1.After receiving the goods, we will send you the installation video or installation drawing, solve any problems for you at any time.     2.For project whose total amount is good, we suggest to send our senior engineers for installation.

Q:How can we ensure the quality of your lab products?

A:  Two years guarantee period since the date cargo receipt. Also can provide the samples for your reference and we are also be sure that our laboratory furniture are subject to the samples.

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