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Choose the correct laboratory worktop you need !

Choose the correct laboratory worktop you need !


Type                                                                            Character                                                              Trespa

A.Trespa have inherent antibacterial properties without the addition of microbial.An independent test by British Industrial Microbilolgical Services Ltd.(IMSL)shows an almost complete elimination of certain bacteria after  24'hours.

B.Clean surface:thanks to its unique chosed surface composition,the productss show significantly low dirt pick up,are impervious to mould and rot,and are resistant to non-abrasive organic cleaning solvents-thus making the product easy to chean and disinfect.    

C.Chemical resistance:Trespa are resistant to a large number of aggressive chemicals .         

D.Long life time:Trespa are versatile materials featuring incredibly durable surfaces.Engineered for moisture and impact resistance,the products retain their aesthetical appeal thoughout their lifetime.     

E.Trespa can be machined similar to high quality hardwood using standard carpentry tools leaving crisp,clean edges and unifrom openings.  


A. A Core Body material,inside equals outside(The sheet is not a real epoxy resin which is surface coated with corrosion resistant);

B.When confronted with hot plates, the surface can not afford to bud, not broken;

C.Corrosion resistant,have strong corrosion resistance on common laboratory reagents;

D.Safe non-toxic, tasteless does not burn, insulation;

E.Long service life,it will not deformation and cracking when alternating hot and cold


A.Scratching Resistance (Scale、Moveable weight、Hemispherical diamond scratching point、motor driven turntable、Arm、Clamping disc)

B. Chemical and Stain Resistant Performance (Acids(Nitric Acid、Sulfuric Acid、Hyclrochloric)、Solvents(Acetone、cresol、Toluene)、Bases(Nabh4、LiAliH4、Buli)、General Reagent(Aluminon、Gasoline、Lodine)、Stairs and indicators(Cresol Red、Crystal、Violet、Sudan3))


A.Acid and alkali resistance, resistance to strong chemical erosion within 16 hours. (test report)                                  

B. high temperature resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, not easy to be scratched                                 

C. The  central experiment shelf and the cupboard for flume are set in integration, which makes integrated and seamless central experiment possible.

D. easy to be cleaned

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