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Choose your right lab chair or stool

Choose your right lab chair or stool


One our workday, we spend a long time sitting in the working area. The quality and comfort of the laboratory chair and stool affects our health and productivity. So it is very important to have a suitable chairs and stool, height adjustable with or without backrest, armrest, footring, movable or fixed, Betalab laboratory chairs & stools combine economy with structural integrity providing a valuable long-term solutions.

Betalab’s chairs & stools are recommended in industry, education, laboratory, clean room, anti-static and healthcare. Molded self-skinnied urethane seats and lumbar-supporting backrests are easy to wash down, resist damage from water, lubricants, chemicals, inks, paints, coatings and resins. Customized by selecting from a wide variety of options or performances.

When you choose the laboratory chair or stools, please considering the followings points:

1, Our work surface height ( Lab bench, Hood) determines the seating height range, the followings data gives you the proper seating height range in relation to your work surface

940~1065mm 560~810mm

2, The environment where you work will help determine what material to choose on the seat and back of your chair and stool. It it is likely that there will be chemical spills or residue, the optional self-skinning polyurethane material should be considered because it is easy to clean. Simply wipe down with a moist cloth for effortless cleanup.

3, Depending on the floor surface and task to be performed while seated, your chair and stool needs to have the proper safety and mobility options available. If you need mobility on a hard surface floor, such as concrete, tile or vinyl, a soft rubber caster wheel is the best choice. For carpeted floors, a hard nylon castor is preferred. If safety is the primary issue, nylon glides are normally the best option.

4, If your work surface is about 810mm, a footring(which fits on all chairs or stools starting at seat height of 455mm) should be used. The chair’s footring are adjustable and very stable and allow you to keep the right relationship between your thighs and feet to maintain circulation in the lower extremities.

5, To ensure that proper posture is maintained, the backrest of your chair or stool must be adjustable both horizontally and vertically to properly support the lumbar area of your back. This is particularly important for long-term sitting to prevent “ slouching”, which often leads to back spasm and undue pressure on the front of the intervertebral discs in the spinal column.

6, If your works involves having to lean forward( for example, to look into a microscope), a forward seat tilt option should be considered. This will allow you to maintain an open angle in your hip and enable you to relieve the added pressure normally exerted on the lumbar area of your back when leaning forward.

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