Color chart of the lab furniture
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Color chart of the lab furniture

Color chart of the lab furniture


We are the leading manufacturers in laboratory furniture and fume hood in China, we export our products to all over the world, in fact we are specially working in Pharmaceutical companies and clinic, like Barrett Hodgson which is the top pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, Amarant Pharmaceutical PVT LTD, Ziska Pharmaceutical and Renata Ltd from Bangladesh. Medifarma S.A. from Peru, Laboratorio Fármaco Uruguayo from Uruguay. We also supplied our products to U.S., Italy, Switzerland, France and a lot of other countries and areas.

For the lab furniture, we offer many choice to the clients. Like the structure, the material, the color. The color of the lab furniture, also one important part of the products. It affects the appearance. Good painting makes the products more beautiful. The clients can choose one color he like from the color chart we provide. 

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