How about the minimum order value for OEM products?
The MOV is related to the MOQ in . It may be counted based on the MOQ and the price per unit. Contact us first and a negotiation is allowed. The MOV is set to ensure that the order is worthwhile for the business. The reduction of MOV is possible when it is the off season OR mix production is OK.

BETA, betalab, lab fittings enjoys superior influence on manufacturing lab sink with competitive price. The most popular emergency eye wash series of is shown as follows. More Storage space is available in our lab furniture. . Due to the characteristics of eyewash shower station , BETA, betalab, lab fittings has been rapidly developing for years. More Storage space is available in our lab furniture. Our products have great durability.. Please contact us as we will give you our lowest quotations, featuring innovative designs, BETA, betalab, lab fittings 's eyewash shower station are well received by buyers all around the world, we're your best choice for purchasing this product.

We’ve always had our own way of doing things. We don’t chase profits at all costs and we don’t skimp on what’s important to our customers. Inquire online!
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