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How can you do when our customer service not online?

How can you do when our customer service not online?


Beta Laboratory Furniture Company Limited customer service RFQ

    These days, we got a feedback from some customers-----"Why your customer services not reply when we want to consult during browsing your website?

So here we wrote this article to solve this problem.

Firstly, thanks for your come and feel sorry if we can't reply you immediately.

As we all know, we come from different countries all over the world, we speak different languages, we even in different time, so,dear customer, maybe when you are working, it's mid-night here and we are dreaming. Some of our service may forget to turn off the network before sleeping, so sometimes you will found that the headshot is show them online, but can't get a reply when click and start to talk. What can you do this moment?

    ----1, Click one of our customer service , then left your email address and questions, we will reply you when we start to work.


----2, Also can left a message on our website directly(don't forget to left your contact information otherwise we can't contact you), we will contact you ASAP!!

Will try our best to assistant you! Thanks!

(Beta lab furniture RFQ push)

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