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If your laboratory worktop can withstand the uses of the laboratory?

If your laboratory worktop can withstand the uses of the laboratory?


Laboratory grade worktops play a central role in any modern industrial lab, as the place where samples are prepared and processed and equipment is set up. Beta Laboratory Furniture Company Ltd not only sell lab furniture very well to U.S., Canada, European and all over the world, but supply and install a range of laboratory bench tops to complement our lab furniture.

Many different tasks must be performed in laboratory. The work top must also meet corresponding requirements. For example, ceramic worktop are suited for work with aggressive acid, stainless steel worktops are recommended for biological applications, and melamine worktop are suited for low chemical loads. We have the right worktop material for all requirements. With or without a marine edge.

For the Processing of lab worktops, our factory import the advanced processing CNC machines with Laser technology from Japan, for the quality you can see the following part. About the processing cost, our factory compare to other suppliers is 5~6 times. Moreover, the work top will be screw-fixed with the cabinet instead of just using clue. You can see the cabinet are well-ordered and solid in line. The work top and cabinet go well with each other.

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