The 19th National Congress of CPC
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The 19th National Congress of CPC

The 19th National Congress of CPC


All the Chinese people together to celebrate THE 19th NATIONAL CONGRESS of CPC. This is an important conference in China's political life. It is a grand festival for all the Communist Party members and a grand festival for all the Chinese people.

After nearly a hundred years of hard work in China, Chinese characteristic socialism has never been so hastily approached the center of the world stage. The establishment of the Communist Party of China, making Marxism in China continue to spread and realize the localization of China.

With people to one’s own life rise of quality requirement, Beta realized that only if we strictly treat our product’s quality could we keep a certain share of the market.

Just as the Chinese nation armed themselves, Beta keep learning and updating, improve our strength in order to make us stronger and stronger. 

*Our product line: fume hood, steel/wooden work bench (central island and wall station), balance table and cabinet; sourcing qualified lab fitting and stool.

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