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This news will tell what's the difference between they US.

This news will tell what's the difference between they US.


We are a professional team and we provide detailed sales and after-sale tracking services. For the common goal of both sides, our well-trained salesman will send you the optimal schedule after they get the CAD drawing &  layout from your side. What’s more, if some unreasonable places existed, we also point them out to our customer and discuss how to fix it.

We pay much attention to our products’ quality. Even if the component of benches such as reagent shelf, service panel and hinge, we still have the high demand of them:

Most of our reagent shelf is Steel & Glass two ties structure, with this design you don’t worry about the safety problem. Because the steel hold panel will support the glass panel just in case the glass break impacted by external force.

Removable back panel which  is for easy access to repair and maintenance the electricity wire,  water supply, drainage and gas supply, there is enough space for the  worker to inside to check the whole service problem.

We strive every effort to improve our quality and marketing service!

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