Why our products will not be damaged?
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Why our products will not be damaged?


I think you might experience such a suitation, which is received damaged goods when you choose online shipping or international sourcing. Because the cargo after a long period of maritime transit, and many time of loading and unloading, the packaging of goods is extremely vulnerable to damage. Guangdong Beta Lab Furniture Company will give you a better solution.

1, Taking into account the characteristics of different material of the lab furniture, we have different packaging materials and methods. For instance, for fume hood, we will divided into 2 parts, wooden case is the most suitable for upper cabinet, because upper part have glass door, it is easily broken. For storage cabinet, lab bench assemble part will use bubble tape, kraft paper. For the lab accessories, like lab water tap, gas valve, eyewash, carton box is perfect.

2, We will prepare some spare parts for each lab project. Like under bench cabinet, cross beam, socket, water tap accessories etc. You could replace the damaged part, if any items is damaged.

Please see below picture for more package picture!


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